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As an advocate for you, your business, and your clients’ animals – we know that no situation is exactly the same. That means that your pet insurance options require a measure of flexibility and customization. Unlike many of our competitors, KennelPro isn’t captive to just one pet insurance company, we have you covered with some of the best pet insurance policies.


We have partnered with three great companies, Safeco, Figo Insurance and Hartford, who can insure your individual pets. Safeco offers a comprehensive and customizable insurance option to insure your dog or cat for unforeseeable accidents, illnesses, heredity conditions, behavioral issues or dental disease. Obtaining a policy through Figo Insurance is perfect for alleviating the burden of veterinary / medical bills. If you are more concerned with protecting your investment in a service dog, for example, we can provide an Animal Mortality life insurance policy through the Hartford.

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a type of human health insurance for your pets. Despite our best efforts, our pets can still get sick or injured unexpectedly. Having pet medical insurance alleviates the stress of unexpected costs, saving you money and time. Each of our pets is unique, which is why we also have unique prices and unique pet insurance plans that fit your budget and still look after your pet. We understand that your finances matter, so we’re committed to making medical insurance for your pet affordable.

Kennel Pro is an American pet insurance company that understands that pets are like family. We know how difficult it can be when a member of the family becomes sick or injured. When your pet and you need us the most, we’ll be there with a comprehensive plan, good coverage, and our professional team of caring and passionate pet advocates to help. We have insurance for pets of all ages. Affordable, extensive coverage means your pet can get the care they need to help them live a long and healthy life — and you can stay worry-free.

Pet insurance can help manage health costs for your pets

We understand that an emergency veterinary bill could cause you financial issues. That is why pet insurance could save you money in the long run and can be an essential safeguard. None of us like thinking about it, but the truth is that our pets could get hurt or sick. As the cost of vet bills continues to rise, we can help manage some of those costs with pet insurance.

Kennel Pro offers different packages for your pet. It can cover costs associated with certain illnesses or types of veterinary treatment. This can help make health care for your dog or cat more affordable and give you extra quality time with your four-legged family members. Our insurance experts can help you get comprehensive pet insurance coverage for your dogs and cats.

Contact our team and we will be able to answer any questions you have about our pet health insurance to understand our pet insurance plans, such as:

  • Pet insurance coverage
  • Pet insurance policy
  • Pet insurance plans
  • Accident and illness coverage
  • Pet insurance discounts
  • Emergency care
  • Routine care costs
  • Veterinary care
  • Cover pre-existing conditions
  • Annual pay discount
  • Unlimited annual coverage

Kennel Pro is the right Pet Insurance Company for you

We believe pets make us better humans. There are many pet insurance companies out there, but we are the best pet insurance for you. We strive to support pet parents and their furry family members from any unpleasant problem, with extensive products, services, and plans.

Caring for a pet can be expensive even for routine care. Unexpected sickness and injuries can make these costs rise. Pet health insurance can help you reduce these unpredictable expenses. Are you looking for more information about what is included with every accident and illness policy for your dog or cat? Request a Quote here and know more about our pet insurance cost and pet insurance policy

If you have pets, chances are they are an important part of your family. So, making sure they are taken care of in the event of an emergency is also probably a high priority. While you may not think you need it, pet insurance can help cover big expenses that can arise when you must make an unexpected visit to the vet’s office. Your pet and your wallet will thank you

Safeco Insurance offers several customizable coverage options to help protect your families’ dogs and / or cats. The Complete Coverage plan offers protection against accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary conditions, behavioral issues and dental diseases. This plan also covers exams, diagnostics, and treatments, including alternative therapies. Safeco also offers an Accident-only coverage plan.

  • Freedom to use any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic
  • Varied reimbursement options
  • Choice of a $100, $250, or $500 annual deductible
  • Simple online claim submission and account management
  • Direct deposit available for reimbursement
  • 10% multi-pet discount
  • All dogs and cats 8 weeks old and up are eligible for coverage


Figo Pet Insurance frees you from financial stress when choosing the best available veterinary care for your pet. Figo offers three flexible plans you can customize both your reimbursement percentage and annual deductible

  • Health insurance plans that cover the unexpected illnesses and injuries of your dog or cat.
  • You can visit any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist.
  • Figo will reimburse up to 100% of your actual vet bill with unlimited coverage and no limits on claim payouts.


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Police and Service Dogs, Bucking Bulls, and Show or Breeding Cattle/Swine are high-value animals often exposed to high-hazard uses and conditions. If you own one of these animals, you know they represent a substantial investment of money, time, and training. In many cases, your life or your livelihood actually depends upon these animals. The Hartford can help you protect that important investment with our higher-valued animal mortality insurance:

  • Animal Mortality Coverage – Helps cover costs associated with an animal’s death if caused by a covered accident, injury, sickness, or disease. Theft coverage is also included.
  • Animal Mortality Limited Coverage – Helps cover costs associated with an animal’s death if caused by a listed covered cause of loss including fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision or upset while in transit, accidental shooting, drowning, and more. Theft coverage is also included.


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